Ryan and Andre

Ep 14. Pt 1 – Lew Temple

In a very cool, can’t-believe-we-spent-all-this-time-talking-about-these-unexpected-topics episode, we (that’s us to you) hang with the incomparable, badass Lew Temple, who mainstream fans may recognize from The Walking Dead, and hardcore fans from The Devils Rejects. But Lew’s got more than gore up his sleeve – but you’ll have to listen to the conversation […]

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Episode 11 – David Zucker

Shirley you can’t be serious!! We are! We’re still trying to figure out why one of our favorite filmmakers allowed us anywhere near his property, let alone inside to talk to him face to face about an enviable, hilarious career in Hollywood. We got in a couple of really good […]

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Episode 10 Return of the Cockblacchio

In this episode, Andre + Ryan (that’s us to you) recap things that all would make great titles for this episode (but let’s face it, nothing is better than Ralph Cockblacchio, including Ralph Macchio). We do a horror convention in Cincinnati(ish) When allergies attack! During panels and interviews! A senior […]

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Andre + Ryan hit up the Bigger Show podcast

We had a most excellent chat with the guys from Bigger Show podcast (how cool is that name btw) and added a few new Squad members to boot. Check it out! One of the most exciting interviews of the Chattanooga Film Festival, Mike sits down with his film heroes Ryan […]

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