August 7, 2017

Ep. 13 Pt 1 – King of the Underdogs w/Chris May + Derek Johnson

In yet another hilarious two-parter of SQUADCAST (noticing a pattern yet?), we sit with Chris May and Derek Johnson, producer and director of KING OF THE UNDERDOGS, a most excellent doc on the incredibly underrated late director John Avildsen, the forgotten auteur who won an Oscar for directing Rocky – and helmed Karate Kid. (Yes, unfortunately, this means we’re talking about effing Ralph Cockblacchio again. Perhaps that’s actually the pattern. Anyway.) If Chris May and Derek Johnson sound as wacky as Andre and Ryan (that’s us to you), keep it to yourself!

  • Moms and remote controls
  • Chris thinks Ted 2 is great
  • Physical media are our trophies
  • Adele hates Talia Shire?
  • Andre. Hates. Ewoks.
  • Derek. Hates. Musicals.
  • Stallone…Frank that is.

Bust up your ice cubes, set out your tools for your drinking game (be it whiskey or water), and let’s do this.

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