December 30, 2017

Ep. 15 Pt1 – The Millenial Falcon

It’s been a helluva year, 2017. We hit the conventions, went on a month-long Alamo Drafthouse/Monster Squad tour (w/the real hero of the film, Ashley Bank), traipsed across the pond to hang with our UK fans, shot TWO goddamn seasons of SHORT ENDS (watch it on Alpha, do it NOW) and Andre announced his documentary about Monster Squad fans like you at Fantastic Fest.

And last week, we finally got to sit down in a different way, pour the whiskey, break out the mic, and recap that shit. Part one of our Very Special Squadcast starts now….

  • We witness Armageddon, er um aliens. No wait, just a rocket launch.
  • WTF is wrong with fandom nowadays?
  • Remember the Alamo…tour that is.
  • Ryan gets kicked out of the theater.
  • A hotel ghost follows Ryan home.
  • Andre recreates a scene from TJ Hooker with a fan…

and much more, so much more that we made a Part Deux and even started a Part Three but too much whiskey by that point meant episode no bueno!

(That random walking voice you hear is our buddy Jacob!)

Press play and enjoy the best gift 2017 could give you: our voices as we ramble, joke, unpack, crack beers, go to the fridge to get more, and flap our gums further.