December 13, 2016

Episode 5 Authorial Interference

A couple of announcements:

We’ll be at Horrorhound in March!
We’ll be screening Monster Squad in L.A. in January!

We ALMOST named this episode after a little something-something Ryan’s mom likes to do. We also thought about naming it, “Ryan’s Mom.” Then we thought about renaming the podcast Ryan’s Mom.”

Anyway. In this conversation, we grab our whiskeys (and sparkling waters) and do what we do best: run our mouths.

Later, we discuss “Authorial Interference” (for example: Harry Potter, Star Wars) and its impact on fans and legacy, thanks to a most excellent question from listener (ahem, professor) Marcia Farrell. In the meantime:

  • Andre goes to Brooklyn to screen Monster Squad in BOTH digital and 35MM and christen the new Alamo Drafthouse Grand Opening weekend (and has the King Kong pictures and the autographing of chests to prove it).
  • Our favorite Halloween costumes of the past (paging Tom Selleck and David Duchovny!), and why doesn’t Jonah Hill realize Andre is a scarecrow???
  • Travel etiquette and what Ryan did the last time he flew First Class (whoops)
  • Holidays with the fam and what Ryan really ate for Thanksgiving
  • MOAR Star Wars please
  • Oh, and Ryan’s mom wants to grow weed. And she’s a huge fan of the podcast! Wait, what?

We go great with washing dishes, so fill up that sink and hit PLAY.