June 7, 2017

Episode 10 Return of the Cockblacchio

In this episode, Andre + Ryan (that’s us to you) recap things that all would make great titles for this episode (but let’s face it, nothing is better than Ralph Cockblacchio, including Ralph Macchio).

  • We do a horror convention in Cincinnati(ish)
  • When allergies attack! During panels and interviews!
  • A senior facility for the Munchkins
  • Doing the Shockwaves podcast and blowing their effing minds at the end
  • Whiskey on a school bus Ryan can’t handle the heat with Uwe Boll (but Andre handles the spicy chicken)
  • Punk rock and pancakes
  • Ryan’s new tattoo makes him a walking advertisement
  • We get lost in a cardboard box
  • Foot talking Tina
  • We permanently autograph a MS fan at Spooky Empire
  • We found Barb!
  • And last but not least: Return of the Cockblacchio.

As usual, we ran the gamut of topics and now you, dear listeners, get to enjoy with the refreshing beverage of your choice. Pick out the perfect cubes of ice, or serve it up neat, sink into a fluffy cushion, find that little triangle “play” button, and push it. P-push it real good.