October 27, 2016

Episode 4 Pt 1 Jackson Stewart and Chase Williamson

“Wow: you guys asked me questions that NO film festival has asked. Even Entertainment Weekly didn’t go this deep with me.” – Jackson Stewart

Unedited | Unapologetic | Uncensored

Yeah, we’ve been gone a while: Andre hit Fantastic Fest and Ryan hit the bar. But we’re back – and the next two episodes are worth the wait, we think.

Ryan + Andre welcome two up-and-coming guys in filmmaking by the names of Jackson Stewart (writer/director, “Beyond the Gates”) and Chase Williamson (actor, “John Dies at the End”).

Learn more about why Jackson and Chase are folks to watch out for if you haven’t caught them already.

In the meantime – we get liquored up and lacquered down (which means there’s a Part 2 for the hangover part of the show) about…

  • Ryan’s competition with Christian Slater
  • Jackson’s new film, “Beyond the Gates” (starring Chase Williamson)and its trip around the festival world
  • Chase’s first acting gig (“John Dies at the End”)
  • Why 90’s kids love 80’s genre films
  • Working in a video store (and how it can influence your taste, style and entertainment career)
  • Are people actually taking advantage of the amount of content we have now vs. obscure VHS store finds?
  • Shooting low-budget in LA
  • How films are promoted at film fests, and how that can throw you off.
  • Clint Howard: OG FCS?
  • How do actors fall into doing the same thing and create bad habits?
  • Ryan and Andre ask questions and make connections that NO OTHER INTERVIEWERS DID with “Beyond the Gates”

AND Stephen Dorff’s name gets banned by the Squadcast.

Writer/producer best known for Beyond the Gates, Sex Boss, and The Hollywood Reboot, winning the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Nightfall Jury prize in 2016 for Beyond The Gates, called a treat for fans of Stranger Things. NES Master. TWITTER

Broke hearts as Dave in¬†John Dies at the End (2012) – one of his first auditions and his first professional film, which debuted at Sundance. Also seen in Video Game High School and performs with sketch comedy troupe Bowling for Tiffany. Fun fact: he’s “Informant Jogger” in the kickass Neon Indian music video “Slumlord Rising.” TWITTER