November 10, 2016

Episode 4 Pt 2 Jackson Stewart and Chase Williamson

The fun continues with part two of Squadcast with director Jackson Stewart and actor Chase Williamson, fresh off finishing Beyond the Gates, which festivalled well and enjoyed writeups in pubs like Entertainment Weekly.

Refill your whiskeys and carry on with us:

  • Jackson and Ryan talk music in films
  • We learn who’s who on a set (and what NOT to touch)
  • Andre plays poker and gets paid to eat gross sh!t
  • Ricky Nelson on a plane ends a series
    All the others who should have died before John Ritter
  • Ryan crashes the USC Film School Alumni lunch – and gets some deep (yet embarrassing) insight from the creator of Mad Men
  • How early relationships forge deep connections for film careers
  • Easter Eggs and homage in Jackson’s film
  • What will young filmmakers pay tribute to in 2036?
  • Channing Tatum as a mermaid…er…merman.
  • Will A.I. end the media world?
  • Ryan swallows all 3 episodes of Westworld – whole
  • Chase HATES westerns and robots…and gets ejected
  • Ryan is afraid of ghosts at the end of his bed

annnnd more. HIT PLAY.

Writer/producer best known for Beyond the Gates, Sex Boss, and The Hollywood Reboot, winning the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Nightfall Jury prize in 2016 for Beyond The Gates, called a treat for fans of Stranger Things. NES Master. TWITTER

Broke hearts as Dave in¬†John Dies at the End (2012) – one of his first auditions and his first professional film, which debuted at Sundance. Also seen in Video Game High School and performs with sketch comedy troupe Bowling for Tiffany. Fun fact: he’s “Informant Jogger” in the kickass Neon Indian music video “Slumlord Rising.” TWITTER