February 14, 2017

Episode 6 Anousha Hutton

When we ran into Anousha Hutton at a party in Altadena, we knew we had to have her…on the podcast. She’s got some stories to tell.

  • Getting hired to be the photographer for Michael Jackson (and then he dies, so you don’t get to do the job)
  • British gal that loves violent video games, is fascinated by guns, and theatre
  • How women can be VERY scary in a horror film – and challenging those female roles in horror films
  • Indifference is the biggest insult
  • “FUCKING J-LO!” – Andre
  • Living in a Toronto punk squat
  • Ryan spoils Rogue-One, The Witch, and EVERYTHING ELSE, because RYAN.

Listening to Squadcast is like drinking an ice cold beer in the shower: something you should do every single day. Prep yourselves, then PRESS PLAY.

About Anousha Hutton
Anousha’s journey with photography began in London, whereupon graduating high school, she was awarded a “Top 5 in the UK” designation from the AQA. From there, she studied Photography and Film at University of the Arts, Camberwell, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree.

Anousha’s path then led her to working with musicians and related figures in Toronto’s art scene, shooting gritty black and whites on film. After her 2009 move to Los Angeles, Anousha began developing her signature high-contrast color palette, along with her production ethic that emphasizes bringing out the internal:

“I am inspired by dreams a lot of the time, particularly nightmares. I do energetic work with each of my clients, bringing out areas of their psyche from deep within themselves through my lens. The story of each character always comes to me psychically when working around the subject. The characters are a blend of my dreams and psychic messages coming through the subject.”

FIND HER @anoushahutton (Instagram) and @anoushahuttonphotography (Facebook)