/ squad goals


Who’s stopping by to slosh a drink or two and talk some shit?

/ actor, writer, distiller

Kirsten Vangsness
Criminal Minds, MESS, Blinking Owl Distillery

/ actor, writer

Lew Temple
Walking Dead

/ actor, producer, teacher

Ashley Bank
Monster Squad, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

/ director, writer, producer

Joey Daniel
What Lives Under the Bed, USC Film Program

/ been there, talked about that


See who’s pouring their libation of choice and sidling up to laugh, bitch, +
pour their hearts (and backstories out).

/ host, writer, actor

Joe Bob Briggs
TNT MonsterVision

/ art director, artist

Wayne White
Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Wayne-O-Rama!

/ director, writer, producer

David Zucker
Airplane!, Kentucky Fried Movie, Top Secret!

/ actor

Chase Williamson
John Dies at the End

/ podcaster, comedian

Ken Reid
TV Guidance Counselor

/ director, writer

Jackson Stewart
Beyond the Gates

/ director, writer

Steve Hughes
Dr. Who, Call the Midwife

/ photographer

Anousha Hutton

/ director, cinematographer, actor

Joe Lynch
Mayhem, Chillerama