August 15, 2016

Episode 1 Introduction

Unedited | Uncensored | Unapologetic

In our (apparently quite popular, looking at these stats a year later) INTRODUCTION episode, we grab a beer (for Ryan, whiskey) and sardonically, wistfully, and ironically/unironically ponder, stream-of-conscious style, in front of a mic:

Iconic movies of our childhood – and will kids today look back on Suicide Squad the way we do at Jaws or Star Wars? | How is Stranger Things rejuvenating nostalgia-based film making? | Wizard World, horror conventions, and fan loyalty (We’re talking about you, MS fans) | The word Ryan hates more than anything in the world (after Andre says it) | Dumbass acting mistakes (and we’re not speaking from experience) | Hollywood and 80s nostalgia in general | Filmmaking where you’re at (do you have to come to L.A.?) | What it means today to come to L.A. to get into Hollywood | And of course, we touch on Monster Squad, because we can’t let go of the past

The floor fan, ummms, table bumps, and sirens are authentic as our opinions. Hit play!