August 25, 2016

Episode 2 Ralph Cockblacchio

Andre + Ryan recap their visit to Wizard World Chicago, where they fanboyed out, presented Fred Dekker with The Bruce Campbell Horror Film Fest 1st Annual Groovy As Hell award, and more.

  • Michael J. Fox remembers Ryan (turning Squadcast into Squeee!cast) – and giving him his first beer
  • How to fanboy out, Ryan Lambert-style
  • Green Room Roulette and the X-Files gang
  • Ryan ended up almost eating the outside of Gillian Anderson’s brownie in an elevator (no it’s not what you think)
  • Ralph-fucking-Cockblacchio and what he ruined for Andre
  • Does Zabka actually kick Macchio’s ass in The Karate Kid?
  • Did Ralph Macchio actually threaten to murder someone during the photo op at WW?
  • Andre fucks up the word rendition
  • Ryan fucks up the words Bristol County
  • Bruce Campbell and his career trajectory
  • How Lou Ferrigno murders a bottle of ketchup
  • Andre and Ryan fuck up the words incredible and smashing
  • The Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival, cool indie filmmakers, screening Monster Squad, and giving Fred Dekker the first ever Groovy As Hell award
  • What Norman Reedus stole from the Green Room
  • Who drove the farthest to visit our booth?
  • Our favorite retro TV shows, including ones we were on
  • We recast Clue
  • Ryan threatens to make the entire next episode about Ishtar
  • Shane Black’s comment on a MS sequel
  • annnnd more

(Yeah, we hit the table too much. Our producer just told us to “knock that shit off.”)