September 12, 2016

Episode 3 Pt 1 Ken Reid

Eavesdrop on Ryan and Andre (that’s us!) as we hang out with Boston comedian and TV Guidance Counselor Podcast host Ken Reid. His latest album, “The Vanity Project Volume 1: Hollywoodland,” recently hit No. 2 on iTunes Comedy.

His podcast, TV Guidance Counselor, has featured 150+ guests (like Ryan and Andre, because we are awesome) and their takes on “what they would have watched that week” after thumbing through an old-ass TV Guide chosen by said guest.

As always, we (that’s Ryan and Andre to you) goof off and talk shop, sharing irreverent, silly stories from the past and thoughts on all sorts of random things after a few beers at the end of the night. Only this time, we’ve brought Ken to the mic to join in on the fun.

Give Part 1 a whirl and then check out Ken’s stuff (you’ll be a better person for it):

TV Guidance Counselor  on iTunes
TV Guidance Counselor  on Soundcloud
Ken Reid on Instagram
Ken Reid’s website and tour dates