Short Ends on Alpha (Mondays premiering 6/26/17)

Short films often don’t get the exposure they deserve, no matter how brilliant they are. We want to resolve that. Creator/host André Gower and host Ryan Lambert (that’s us to you) lead us on a journey of short filmmakers and the process behind these films. Each episode focuses on themes like inner demons, dark comedy, and science fiction, a perfect fit for the duo who grew up in the horror comedy cult film, The Monster Squad!

SHORT ENDS airs Mondays on ALPHA, the interactive platform collaboration of NERDIST and GEEK & SUNDRY. 


Hosted by Nerdist and Geek & Sundry, Alpha is one huge celebration that everyone’s invited to!

As part of the experience you’ll get live programming, movies, early access to our existing beloved series, forums, access to special events around pop culture happenings, and the chance to win awesome prizes.

On Alpha, you can expect features such as “guesting,” which allows you to appear on-screen to directly interact and flame communicate with your favorite hosts and celebrity guests, polling (which allows you to choose our next move for us), and much, much more.

Content will be available 24/7 on VOD, but Alpha offers a large amount of live broadcasts too, which allows you to interact with us in real time. All live programming is visible and accessible from our dynamic schedule page.