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It can be disappointing to meet your heroes, but these guys were quick to make me feel like I was “In the club.” – SCOTT SOUTHWORTH

/ producer, writer, director, actor

André Gower


Starting at 5 years old, André appeared in print modeling and commercials; over 100 of those later, he moved into television and film, including T.J. Hooker, Night Court, The A-Team, + The New Twilight Zone with some of film & television’s greatest: George C. Scott, Fred Astaire, and William Shatner, to name a few. He is also known as Sean in the cult-classic The Monster Squad.

Post-Hollywood, André got a degree in Mass Communications, became a sportswriter, and enjoyed what folks call a “normal” life. In 2013 he returned to L.A. to create and produce a well-received pilot, and started Fitterpiper Entertainment, a full-service production house.

Andre enjoys winning Trivia Nights around L.A., hot yoga, and takes his whiskey with sparkling water. That’s right. Sparkling water. 

/ writer, musician, actor

Ryan Lambert


Since the age of 12, Ryan has showcased his skills on numerous shows such as Sidekicks and It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. He is probably best known as the lead of the television show Kids Incorporated, where he performed as a musician, and the character of Rudy from the cult-classic The Monster Squad

Post-Hollywood, Ryan chose to focus on music, his first love, and fronted several eclectic-rock bands in San Francisco (Elephone, Kill Moi). He recently returned to his roots in Los Angeles, where he writes and creates projects. 

Ryan also enjoys winning Trivia Nights, will kick your ass at karaoke, and takes his whiskey neat (though he agrees Andre’s combination is awesome). 

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Whatever comes to mind. We don’t write out a list of topics, going through each one with rehearsal and a timer. We just…talk.

We talk about Hollywood, Star Wars, authorial interference, photography, playing in a rock band, family, crazy interactions, dissect movies, childhood stories from the set, appearance recaps, wry observations while sitting in traffic. 

We’ve argued about Harry Potter plotlines, figured out on the air if we’d respond to bad reviews of our work, and answered questions from academic listeners (as in, literal professors).

And with our guests, their backstories: how they got into what they do, why they’re in love with their craft, embarrassing childhood stories, advice for others in their industry – and anything else our fans and loyal listeners find hilariously, thoughtfully, and positively relateable….almost like part of a squad.

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